For all dog breeds, big and small. Intended for young dogs and puppies from 10 weeks of age.
This course is for English speaking dog owners in Iceland.


Positive reinforcement is used to connect with the dogs and project the wanted behavior.

The course is 10 sessions in total, 1,5 hrs each.
Useful commands taught both to connect with the dog and have him behave according to our societies standards. Simple lessons that teach you how to connect with the young energetic dog and how to show him that following the rules is both fun and rewarding.

Basic obedience lessons:

  • Come
  • Focus on me (appropriate use of the dogs name)
  • sit & stay
  • lay down & stay
  • walking on leash, without pulling
  • introducing wait and emergency stops for future training
  • teaching the dog to search and how to use it´s nose and scent skills
  • fetch & retrieve and other useful exercises for the energetic pup
  • go to bed or crate and how to introduce a safe place to a dog and proper use of crates

Lectures are 4 during the course, on Saturdays. Each lesson is 90-120 minutes, with a few breaks to do fun things with the puppy. We use the lectures to tech the puppy to calm down in situations we need him to restrain himself. All Tuesday sessions start with or include a short lecture maybe 10-15 min.

The course includes:

  • Regulation on dog ownership from the Reykjavik and surrounding municipalities.
  • Daily care: fur, skin, nails, teeth, ears, feeding, veterinary options and other important things to taking care of a dog.
  • Dogs Body Language, how dogs express themselves both with other dogs and humans. How to know if a dog isn´t feeling well, what are important signs of stress and warning signals and how to react in such circumstances.
  • Dogs adolescence and development periods. How do dogs learn and when do we have their attention, when/how are they capable of learning.
  • Environment and how it affects the dogs development. How to introduce the puppy to different situations.
  • What is stress and when is it working with us or against us. How to reduce negative stress.
  • Comparison of different dog breeds.
  • Different methods of dog training discussed and old myths.
  • Responsibility of the dog owner and basics on animal wellfare.
  • Family & household. Kids & dogs.
  • Importance of socialization with other dogs and humans.
  • Importance of calming down and play on it´s own.
  • Veterinary issues: fever, vaccinations, de-worming, microchips, and the most common sickness in today´s dogs.

Discount off Annual Dog Licensing Fees

The course is validated by Heilbrigðiseftirlitið and gives a discount off annual Dog Licensing Fees.

Requires attendance 80% and at least a 70% score in a short final exam, both written and practical.

Participants should bring:

  • Dog treats in a bag, very small pieces
  • 1 toy the dog likes f.x. a ball on rope, rope, tennisball or similar
  • Bags to clean up after the dog
  • Leash, at least 1,2m, preferably 2m (please do not bring Flexi or similar)
  • Collar and/or harness

Registration & Payments

Price pr. course is for each dog, every dog can bring at least 2 human family members.

Puppies/Dogs have to be vaccinated (at least have the first 2 out of the 3 required) and recently de-wormed.

Payment is required upon registration. Price 48.500 kr.
All courses should be paid in full before the first lesson.

All courses are available as private course but some parts of the course need to be finished with other dogs present. Price for a private course depends on each course.”]


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